Joost Batelaan

Privacy statement

use of personal data
The office processes personal data that you yourself have provided to us with your permission. This concerns personal data that are necessary for the handling of your case and for claiming or financing thereof (for example, applying for an addition to the Legal Aid Board or financing from your Legal Aid Insurer). This includes your name and address, the information that is relevant to the case and information from the opposing party.

If necessary in connection with the handling of your case, we may also request personal data from bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Land Registry, the judiciary, a notary or bailiff or publicly available sources on the internet. When handling the case, it may of course be necessary to share your personal data with third parties, including the opposing party, the opposing party’s lawyer or adviser and the aforementioned bodies. Conversely, this also applies to the personal details of the opposing parties of our clients.

Litigation documents and messages to third parties are discussed with you in advance in accordance with the rules of the Dutch Bar Association. If you object to the way in which your personal data have been processed, you can report this to your lawyer. It is subsequently possible that your case cannot be handled properly or at all.

We also process personal data if required by law or regulation, including the rules of the Dutch Bar Association. This concerns in particular the verification of the identity of clients. We need to view your passport or ID for this. This also applies to applying for an addition (funded legal assistance) where we have to send your BSN number and that of a possible cohabiting partner. If this is refused, we cannot handle your case or request an addition.

In addition, personal details of clients and their counterparty (s) are used in new cases to check for possible conflicts of interest (with the clients). This is a result of the rules of the Dutch Bar Association.

In the event of any claims or complaints, the office has the right to use personal data to defend the interests of the office or the lawyers associated with the office.

Name and address data of clients can also be used (in connection with the legitimate interests of the office) for maintaining contact with the office, for example for sending newsletters, updates or invitations.

access and sharing personal data
In principle, the lawyers of the office and the employees who work on their behalf have access to your personal data. In addition to the instructed lawyers, other lawyers and staff also have access in the event of case observation, invoicing, handling of legal aid requests or other administrative obligations.

Our lawyers are required to maintain confidentiality because of their profession. The firm also has entered into a confidentiality agreement with its employees (non-lawyers). We can use service providers (processors) to process your personal data that process personal data exclusively on our behalf. Think of IT service providers. Insofar as these service providers are not already required to maintain confidentiality on the basis of their profession (such as bailiffs or notaries), the office has made contractual agreements.

Transfer to countries outside the European Union will only take place if this is necessary in the context of the handling of your case, for example in the case of a foreign counterparty or client.

In the context of our services, we use electronic data exchange (internet and e-mail via the address you provide). The office points out that despite all the safety measures taken by the office, there can be no absolute certainty against unauthorized consultation.

retention period
In principle, your personal data are kept for a minimum of seven years after the file has been closed in connection with compliance with legal obligations, verification by authorities or in connection with possible claims or complaints. The retention period can be extended if an incident occurs that requires further retention of your personal data, for example in defence of your interests or the interests of the office.

rights, questions and contact
You have rights with regard to the processing of your personal data such as the right to inspect, rectify, delete or transfer them (transfer of file). The office will respect these rights within the applicable laws and regulations.

For questions please contact : or Batelaan, Geestbrugkade 35 2281 CX Rijswijk. If you have a complaint that does not lead to a solution in consultation with us, you can complain to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Because the new privacy laws and regulations are in full development and also our organization developes, we can adjust this privacy statement in the interim.